Saturday, April 9, 2011

Eating Animals

Eating Animals is a book by Jonathan Safran Foer who's also the author of Everything is illuminated and Extremely loud and incredible close which are two of my very favourite books. But unlike his two prior books Eating Animals is not a novel - it's a book about everything that's wrong with the meat industry and the result of three years of intensive research. Now don't expect the usual praise of vegetarianism but instead a matter-of-fact report on factory farming that explains what meat really is and where it comes from. Jonathan Safran Foer who's a vegetarian himself does not want to turn people into vegetarians with this book, the purpose of Eating Animals is to inform people about what they have on their plates when they eat meat. This book is different to all the dramatic coverage you probably all have read about slaughterhouses and livestock transport which is not only due to Foer's brilliant way of writing but also to the fact that meat producers and consumers have their say without being pilloried by the author. Aside from the moral and ethic aspects the book also addresses the impact on the environment that factoring farming verifiably has. I can only recommend this book to everyone. Even though Eating Animals doesn't want to proselytise you be prepared that you most likely start rethinking your daily food choices if you decide to read this book.
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