Friday, February 4, 2011


MYKITA has launched a new MYKITA LABORATORY project in collaboration with New York based artist Agathe Snow. Snow chose this landmark in eyewear design for her work entitled 'You are here, 2011' for Deutsche Guggenheim to mark the 'All Access World' exhibition. Her edition for the exhibition is a pair of sunglasses in which a fine golden horizon line is drawn on the inside of black mirrored lenses, forming the silhouettes of the New York skyline and the Egyptian pyramids. Invisible to others from the outside and for the wearer no more than a subtle, barely registered presence, it is only when the glasses are taken off that the motifs become recognizable. The sunglasses are handmade by Berlin based MYKITA and go by the name 'Cyrus'. Each of the horizon lines is painted by hand, ensuring that each pair of glasses is a unique object. The MYKITA & Agathe Snow glasses will be available at the Deutsche Guggenheim in Berlin and over the next few weeks in the MYKITA shops as well as selected optical and fashion shops.