Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Designer Stock Sales Antwerp

On Saturday October 23 I've been to Antwerp to check out the designer stock sales that take place every April and October. Unfortunately it was raining most of the day so it wasn't the best time to make a shopping trip in a city you've never been to before but it takes more than a few raindrops to stop me from shopping and we had a car. First stop was Ann Demeulemeester/Haider Ackermann which was a few kilometers outside the city center of Antwerp. There I got a shiny black hooded jacket with draw strings. Afterwards we headed to downtown Antwerp to continue our shopping spree. During the search for a parking spot we got to see a lot of the city center where you have countless shopping and eating opportunities. Our next stop was Bruno Pieters where I bought a skirt that also works as a top, a knit pullover with leather straps and Max Monelli shoes (which were sold for € 50!!!) - all in black of course. Before we continued to visit the different stock sales we needed something to eat and found a small restaurant with all kinds of quiche you can imagine. After we enjoyed our lunch we went to RA which is possibly the most innovative store in Antwerp. From there we headed to A.F. Vandervoorst and last but not least Dries van Noten. Unfortunately I didn't find anything there. Afterwards we've just been walking around in the city and then went for dinner at a Sushi place near the Museum of Fine Arts. Before we started our way back to Düsseldorf we had drinks at a Brasserie located right accross the street from the museum which was crowded with creative types.
I can recommend everyone to make a trip to Antwerp especially when the stock sales take place as you can really find pieces at bargain prices. It's a small city full of people with individual styles, endless shopping opportunities, historic sights and ateliers. The city center is divided into 5 fashion districts each with an own identity and the best way to get around is if you get the Antwerp Fashion Map that will guide you to all the right places.

Here are my finds