Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Y-3 Fall/Winter 2010/11 Communication Campaign

The Y-3 fall/winter campaign presents a direct fashion correlation married with an abstract representation of the team and once again features Zinedine Zidane along a group of models. Black and white photography coupled with contrasts of lightness and darkness creates a dramatic and poetic story. The concept allows for the opportunity to showcase movement and product, exhibiting the fusion of a sport inspired, high-end fashion brand. Y-3's campaign reveals a mood rather than a focus on actual garments. With snippets of cityscapes recorded in black and white of cropped blown-up images the campaign fuels both a sense of entrapment and desire while asking to think on a visual level. For the coming season Y-3 departs from the FIFA 2010 World Cup of spring/summer 2010 and arrives with a collection that is slightly dark and brooding. It taps into the urban desire of breaking out of the mold, the confinements of everyday life, and ventures into the unknown.
The result is an over arching communication campaign that translates into still images for the print media, a short mood film that is released in three installments globally as well as an updated brand website design.
The locations was Pier 54, Hudson River Park in New York City. The photos were shot by Alasdair McLellan and responsible for the cinematography was Theo Stanley / New Mountain. Nicola Formichetti was in charge of the styling.