Monday, June 14, 2010

World Cup Weeks - South African Fashion Labels: Wild Fig

As host of this years FIFA Football World Cup South Africa is currently sort of the center of the world. I have to admit that football is almost the only thing I'm focusing on right now. But I'm sure that Germany is going to win the Cup so I decided to take some time off from my TV now (especially as Italy played only 1:1 now much to my satisfaction ;-)) and write about South African fashion labels on here. Before the World Cup the country was mostly 'famous' for the very bad things on this planet like AIDS, violence, rape, slums, apartheid, murder etc. and of the positive things it's known for the beautiful landscapes and national parks. But very little is known about South African fashion so I decided to change this now.

First label I'd like to introduce is Wild Fig from Johannesburg - a clothing label that wants to make women feel feminine and beautiful. It was launched in 2007 by Yoriko Alty and Lara Hunt. The label focuses on classic design details and finishes with an interesting touch. Wild Figs Fall/Winter 2010 collection that was presented at Audi Joburg Fashion Week consisted mainly of dresses and skirt combinations and all looks were accentuated at the waist to underline the goal of feminity. The elegant outfits were completed with playful details like corsages, ruching and bows.
Unfortunately the brand doesn't have a homepage (yet?) but here's the link to their facebook: