Friday, June 11, 2010

Coloud Headphones

Coloud is a new headphone label that is based in Stockholm, Sweden and was released in 2009. The brand is based on collaborations with the strongest names and symbols in entertainment and merchandizing. They started out with 15 headphones for which they've teamed up with Hello Kitty, Star Wars, Marvel and Fame the movie and their newest collabo is with NHL. The result are stylish headphones that not only make for a cool accessory but also carry the tunes from your mp3 player to your ear in great quality. Their light weight makes the headphones comfortable to wear and they're compatible with every mp3 player. Currently there's one midsized model available but Coloud is developing a number of further models to be released late summer 2010. I like the idea of 'turning brands into sound' so let's see who the next partners will be. For the whole collections and further information look here: