Monday, May 17, 2010

Little Shilpa Military Jewelry

With military being one of this year's big trends it's obvious that we need some jewelry to go with or to create the look. So the hand-made pieces by Little Shilpa come in handy if you're looking for unique military inspired jewelry to pimp your outfits. Indian designer Shilpa Chavan has created a collection of necklaces, brooches and epaulettes that can be worn by guys and girls. It's constructed by hand from military regalia and antique chains and ribbons ensuring that each piece is truly unique and has it's own story. The inspiration for the collection was a group picture of Rajasthani maharajas and military officers. The photo shows an interesting juxtaposition of the maharaja's inherited power and the power of the officers that is earned through performance. Shilpa was intrigued by the valour of the officers and the decadent lives of the maharajas and translated her impression into the jewelry pieces which reflect both - the military honour and the decadence.

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