Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Y-3 Fall/Winter 2010

For fall/winter 2010 Y-3 brought the fun back to the runway. After doing his job for 28 years and sometimes feeling like he's done everything, Yohji Yamamoto said to himself: 'Yohji, you must have fun!' So this season Y-3 got injected with as much humor as style, presenting an ode to masked superheroes like Zorro and the Scarlet Pimpernel. Known for mixing technology with tradition Y-3 once again surprised with classic shapes in futuristic materials and classic materials in futuristic shapes. The collection was also inspired by traditional military garb and deconstructed it in modern ways for instance classic A-1 flight jackets unravelling into long sweeping capes. Elsewhere cashmere tracksuits combined utility with luxury, sweater jackets explored modularity with removable shawls and scarves while oversized jumpsuits emphasized the free-spirited mood. Wool sweaters and cardigans were embroidered with kitten patches and slogans like 'I'm thinking prison break' and 'World is not fair'. Y-3 also took footwear beyond the classic trainer, presenting sporty mesh heels, metallic silver wedges and multicolored winklepickers for women and flourescent neon basketball shoes for men. I love Y-3 - it's the only sportswear you can wear on the street. To be more precisely I think it's way beyond anything else that's considered sportswear...

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L said...

Great post! I loved so many looks from this collection, and most of all the outerwear that can be worn and layered in different ways.

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