Thursday, April 22, 2010

Graffiti Artist Grems designs for Skunkfunk

Basque streetwear label Skunkfunk cooperates with changing artists each season that are invited to create a part of the collection. For spring/summer 2010 they teamed up with French rap and graffiti artist Grems who previously already worked together with labels like Nike and Swatch. Grems aka Supermicro is known as a versatile artist whose creations are always marked by flashy artworks, bold graphics and provocative designs. Exclusively for Skunkfunk he designed a limited edition of t-shirts for women and men that show how good streetart and fashion fit together. The colorful variety of shirts reflect the signature style of the artist: the designs display half human, half animal characters that seem interweaved with each other in mazy movements. In addition there are t-shirts with funky slogans or gaudy artworks by the artist. See for yourself here....

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melina bee said...

oh! I love skunkfunk. of course it not available anywhere near where I live. this blog tends to remind me of that a lot.
melina bee

Brandy Shaloo said...

You need to move to the 'old world' ;-)

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