Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Taking Eye Candy To A Whole New Level

Thanks to the not-so-real-world of Television, we get to watch the fashion gurus as they are constantly challenged to find a way to create top-notch designs utilizing less than traditional materials. Such was the case in a recent episode of Project Runway. For this segment of the program, the designers were each challenged to create a sumptuous creation using not cloth or paper, but Hershey’s® candies. This, I told myself, was going to be very interesting. And it was.
Of course, edible clothing isn’t a new idea, but frankly most of what’s been done before has resulted in the sort of items that are handled by novelty and adult-lingerie lines. This episode intrigued me enough that I began to wonder. What sort of clothing could be made from the hundreds of candies available to rot our teeth and ruin our diets? So, I decided to play along (mentally of course) with the designers, and create my own haute look constructed entirely with sugar-laden goodies.
All right. I admit it. At first I had a vivid mental picture of my neighbor’s four-year-old daughter who went trick-or-treating last year as an oversized piece of candy-corn. This blocked all creative thought until I’d glimpsed a few of the totally awesome looks that the show’s designers had managed to put together. Inspired, I began to try to envision, if not to actually create, a candy-constructed design of my own.
The designers on the show were confined to Hershey’s candies. Being free from the show’s restrictions, I put no such limitations on my project. I took a mental stroll down the candy aisle, and then a longer one back to the candy-counters of those little shops where candies were all that they sold.
I chose carefully, wanting to make a bold statement, but avoiding loud and garish colors like Double Bubble® pinks and Skittles® purples. I decided I would do a cocktail length dress with Ferrero Rocher®(those delectable hazelnuts in the shiny gold foil wrappers) for the bodice, which I opted to keep strapless. The skirt fell from beneath my Rocher® bodice in flowing pleats made from layers those candied fruit slices that are most often featured on the roofs of gingerbread houses during the holidays. I stuck with the yellow and orange ones. For dramatic effect, I sprinkled the entire thing with those golden candy sprinkles that they sell to put on cakes in the bakery aisle at my grocery store.
When the idea was fully formulated, I examined it in my mind. I thought the look was delicious. Then again, since I was the only one who could see the imaginary dress wrought with candies, who could contradict me? It might not have had the flair of the Project Runway results, but it had style and because it was totally imaginary...no calories, too!
I seriously doubt that I’d ever wear a candy outfit, even if I had a runway model’s body. The very thought makes me remember the story Hansel and Gretel nibbling away at that witch’s house made of gingerbread, greedily pinching off their favorite candies. Still, the episode was interesting and proved once more that a good designer’s ingenuity can create something delicious out of even the most extraordinary materials. Perhaps they’ll make a dress out of pasta next?

(Thanks again to Alison Freed for this content ;-) I'm very busy right now...)