Friday, February 5, 2010

Kilian Kerner Fall/Winter 2010

Kilian Kerner presented his tenth collection 'was der Himmel sagt' at Berlin Fashion Week this January. The fall/winter collection is a mix of clean lines and playful details like two-coloured zippers on jackets and trousers and selective used vintage fabrics by 'Edsor Kronen'. The looks were accessorized with scarves that are limited to a 50 pcs collection.
Sensuality paired with casual elegance define the womenswear. Cashmere coats, variatons of corsages and trousers make a cool, feminine look and exlusive fabrics like silk, leather and velvet communicate idividuality and sophistication. Colours: black, metallic, grey and red. The menswear is familiar casual and comes with a new, playful elegance. The classic double-breasted suit is interpreted in an own way next to basics like sweaters, trousers and shirts. Fine stripes and vintage fabrics refine the look and offer the style-conscious man a mix of classic elements and urban design. The clean cuts form a contrast to the soft fabrics like silk and velour and are emphasised by the colour palette of black, grey and blue.
Kilian Kerner is probably well-known to my German readers but to the (international) audience who hasn't heard of him yet I have to say: You will know him soon! He's definitely a designer to keep an eye on - and a very busy man as aside from his own label he's also in charge of No Ifs and German Garment.