Sunday, February 14, 2010

The bold and the beautiful, Footwear 2010

Don’t you love when the season changes? You would if you find every reason to change your wardrobe: new clothes, new accessories and yes, of course new shoes. Come new season, and the fashion industry and style gurus are on a roll creating new fashion of all kinds, shapes and color to whet your fashion appetite.
With the spring/summer 2010 footwear collection already revealed, the emphasis is on comfort, practical, and simplicity. When compared to last year, 2010 fashion foot trends are stricter to form and color. Strange shapes, motley palette and huge elements are all out. Bright and bold colors will dominate the scene this year and the modest blacks and whites will take a back seat.
Fashion may be fickle but some styles are forever, like the stilettos. This season heels are higher and platforms chunkier. With heels going high up to 7 inches, the classic stiletto is still the top contender in the eveningwear category.
It may not be winter anymore, but boots are here to stay. With cut outs, mesh, and open-toe options, the boots will make a year-round appearance. It’s even been transformed into a laced beauty with styles varying from ankle to knee heights.
Not to be left behind, clogs are coming back in a big way ranging from low to chunky heels to stiletto to mules and strappy-sandals. For spring 2010, wedges have come a long way from its casual feel and shown in dressier options, nicely wrapped up and ruche.
That was in brief women footwear trends. What about men? Have you ever thought about why even though most fashion designers are men, but when it comes to making fashion statements, they take a back seat? This wouldn’t be the case if you know that nothing is more appealing to women than a well-dressed man.
So here’s a quick 2010 fashion updates for men. If you believe espadrilles are things that girls alone wear, you need to think again. Espadrilles and comfort are almost synonymous and comfort being this season’s mantra, your shoe closet is incomplete without it. Patent leather shoes combined with toned down outfit will definitely make the women turn around. Not only for women, but the flip-flops make a trendy statement for men too. It is an epitome of style, trend and comfort, and goes with almost any kind of dress. But, this year’s winner in the men’s fashion footwear category is the strappy-sandal. These sandals are an absolute comfort to wear and what more; they give you a great cool look too. With so much choice, let’s not forget the good ol’ tennis shoes. You not only get a traveler look with this sandal, but you can wear it anywhere. And even though keeping in with this year’s trends, the tennis shoes have come out in bold colors and gloss; it can still be worn both at work and at play.
Well, they say that footwear is in a way an expression of oneself. So go ahead and embrace this season's trends and make a mark for yourself.
(Note: Content by Alison Freed. Brandy says: Thank you!)