Tuesday, January 5, 2010

„NO IFS (Ands or Buts)“

„NO IFS (Ands or Buts)“ is a new German fashion label that stands for universal outfits with a clear line in design. Designer Kilian Kerner, who also has his own label named after himself and is a co-founder of German Garment, states that NO IFS is the opposite of the dresscode - away from necessities back to oneself. Unexerted, self-evident fashion with beautiful details for men and women. The label positions itself in the streetwear genre without leaving the collection line. The fabrics used in the 100-piece collection are of upscale quality and the dominating colours grey and black are complemented by single pieces in bright red or dark blue. For women there are hooded dresses, wrapped blouses, high-waisted trousers and short, slightly waisted dresses amongst other pieces. For men the focus lies on blouson-like jacket forms. Trousers come as denim, track suit pants or 5-pockets with drop crotch and hoodies come in overlong, slim cuts. Leather details are used to give the collection a rough look. NO IFS will be presented the first time at upcoming Berlin Fashion Week this month where Kerner also shows his own highly anticipated collection.