Sunday, January 17, 2010

Bloggerparade: Childhood heroes

Mau, the guy behind, invited to a blogger parade with the topic 'childhood heroes' and I decided to confess here and now who my childhood TV hero was! It was none other than the one and only David Hasselhoff aka Michael Knight and his car K.I.T.T. who's adventures in the Knight Rider TV series I followed avidly. Back in the 80's Michael Knight in his leather jacket was the epitome of cool to me and I badly wanted the fast black sportscar that was able to speak. Now that I shared this embarrassment with you I want you to share your childhood heroes with the rest of us! Just link Mau's original post and write about your childhood hero on your blog! Afterwards invite all your blogger friends to the parade! If you've posted please also place the link in my comment section ;-)

P.S.: I DID NOT like David Hasselhoff's music! NEVER!

Don't hassle the Hoff!