Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Acne furniture launch

Swedish denim brand Acne just launched their first furniture collection at the Hotel Pozzo di Borgo in Paris in the former residence of Karl Lagerfeld. Acne's creative director Jonny Johansson who's always had an interest in furniture took the Nya Berlin sofa by Carl Malmsten and played with it on a computer. The outcome are twisted designs covered in bleached, pale Acne denim. Johansson's own words on the concept and inspiration:
Carl Malmsten was one the most archetypal Swedish furniture designers from this group, and his work is extremely personal as i grew up surrounded by his pieces at my grandmother’s home. I began to research his work more in-depth and i came across the Nya Berlin (New Berlin) Sofa. The Nya Berlin was an archetypical piece of Malmsten’s design and was created for use in the Swedish consulate in Berlin. it has not been in production since 1949, so it was really inspiring to work with. with this sofa as a reference, I started to look at how we worked architecturally, instead of just treating say the upholstery. I decided as an alternative to objectify its form from a perspective play. As we do with fashion we played with proportion, lineage and structure – stretching, squashing and pulling the simplistic shape to create new sculptural forms. And why we chose to dress it in indigo? Denim is our heritage and i thought it was super interesting to treat the upholstery in the same way we approach our jeans – by washing bleaching and hand-dying the pieces to create very bespoke finishes. I just love how the fabric changes and grows with time. For me denim is always fashion.