Friday, December 11, 2009

UNIQLO's +J Spring/Summer 2010

After the fall/winter 2009 collection debuted successfully this October, UNIQLO and German fashion designer Jil Sander will launch their +J spring/summer 2010 collection in the US on January 14, 2010 (in the SoHo store). The clean, characteristic Jil Sander looks endorse functional elegance and introduce fresh perspectives on volume, teamed with perfect harmony in fiber, color, optics and touch. Subtle experimentation leads to new interplays of material and motion. The collection quietly bridges the emotional and the formal, femininity and masculinity, experience and evolution. Luxury lies in inspiration and discreet perfectionism, applied to truly modern tailoring. Opting for the precision of airy colors, white and pure ivory feature as the radiant center of energy and confidence. Pastel hues, pearly reflections, and chalked out acids create luminous lightness.

While being on vacation in New York this October I also paid a visit to UNIQLO (unfortunately they don't have any stores in Germany yet) to check out the fall/winter 09 +J collection that's just been released then. As I've always been a fan of Jil Sander's creations I left the store with a big bag full of new clothes (in non-colours of course). I love the subtle details and the clean silhouettes. And I also have to point out that the good quality (for the low price range) is something that other high street retailer and designer/celebrity collaborations should take as the good example they need to follow.

Here are some behind the scenes shots of the +J ad campaign