Tuesday, December 1, 2009


PARTY NOIRE is a fashion label founded by Romanian couturier Alina Cosma in 2008. PARTY NOIRE releases one high-end collection a year as well as a secondary line, the latter consisting of styles released individually and irregularly. The collections consist of beautiful 24-hour dresses for the woman who prefers uniqueness over label status. The timeless dresses are the perfect mix of simple and sophisticated, luxurious and understated. The designs are made to live, work and have fun in while still retaining a cool chic. As the label's name PARTY NOIRE already implies, the signature colour is black. Alina's drive for creativity has moved her from graphic design to fashion design. Committed to producing modern garments with subtle but powerful details, she has not left the arena of wear-ability, finished quality and overall comfort.

These photos are from PARTY NOIRE's collection BOURGEOIS PUNK