Sunday, December 20, 2009

Airess & Church - Fashion Label to launch exclusively on Twitter

Airess & Church will be the first fashion label ever to launch exclusively on Twitter. Primarily a denim brand, Airess & Church is not scheduled to release any merchandise to the general public until 2010, but the brand will open its website and allow its Twitter followers to purchase their limited edition 'Native Soil Collection' on a date and time only to be revealed in updates via their Twitter page at Airess & Church's tagline is 'Never in Stores, Always in Style' and they've already vowed to never sell any clothes in stores. With already several thousand followers on Twitter that are anticipating the brand's launch, the new approach to marketing only via social networking seems to pay off. To launch a new label on Twitter might seem like a crazy idea at first but with social networks and blogs gaining more and more influence in today's marketing the idea is in my eyes not that crazy at all. Even though there are still a few global fashion players that hesitate or refuse to jump on the Facebook/Twitter bandwagon, many labels - small and big ones - have discovered the increasing power of social networks and started profiles and fan pages. That way they're able to spread news much faster than they could ever do via print media, which enables them to tie their existing customers even closer to the brand and gain more awareness and new customers by being exactly where the target group is. I really hope Airess & Church and the idea behind it will be a big success!

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