Monday, November 23, 2009

Made By Eugene

Jewellery store Kabiri’s latest exclusive offering is designer label ‘Made by Eugene’. Eugene Tsai started to deconstruct and reconfigure ideas about fashion accessories during his stay in Paris, with handbags called Violated Often. Now in New York, he continues to explore these ideas with a whimsical accessory line called MADE BY EUGENE. Eugene Tsai aspires to make something romantic out of something utilitarian. He often employs poetic phrases which evoke a sentiment that is universal but captures his memories of love, loss and hope. Can a bag made with strings be called 'Don't they catch butterflies?'. Or should a cast of a broken crab claw be called 'Always'? Is 'Harness' a key chain? or is it a belt? or is it a necklace? The answer is yes .. and no and maybe, because these strikingly unique, often enigmatic, and sometimes difficult to understand accessories defy simple explanations. They are tools for personal expression which need to be learned and adored. They invite exploration and reverie, like a song which carries the heart to vaguer regions of uncertainty and inspiration. Brazilian born Eugene Tsai, continues to work as a art director, designer, and collaborator with artists like Barney Clay, Urs Fischer, Malco Kim, Noah Khoshbin, Karen O, Gaetano Pesce, among others. His recent projects include the highly acclaimed 'Video Portraits' series by Robert Wilson, 'A journey that wasn't' by Pierre Huyghe, 'Don't trust anyone over 30' with Dan Graham and Japanther in (3D) for Performa 07. His interest in art has spilled over into fashion.