Friday, November 27, 2009


The long and the short of it...Long was formed in London, 2008 by young designers Gareth Emmett and Rhys Dawney. The idea behind the brand was simple - super length t-shirts but with a skinny fit. Bored with over complicated prints the pair decided to take things back to basics in terms of design. Bold and simple shapes were used as the Long signature statement and screen-printing by hand ensured each T-shirt was unique. The brand first started its life on clothing markets around North and East London then quickly found itself in a number of independent shops around London. After attending the Margin tradeshow in February 2009 'Long' gained further stockists throughout the UK and also featured in a number of fashion magazines across Europe. Now, the brand has a successful webstore, numerous blog spots and a cult following which is quickly spreading around the world. With more collections on the way, 2009 looks set to be an exciting year for 'Long' although the creators behind the brand assure us that it's just the beginning.

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