Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Jean Straps: A boot lover’s dream

I was just informed about something very useful and want to share it with you now. Ever had the problem that your jeans bunched up when you put on your boots? It can be a hard struggle until you denim is tucked into your boots without looking like an accordion. And even if you managed that, a few hours later the jeans rode up, leaving you with baggy knees. But now there's help! Two very practical women created the solution for this common problem: Jean Straps. The removable stirrups hold your denim down and ensure a perfect fit. You can attach the flexible clip-on Jean Straps to every jeans and they will keep it taut all day, minimizing bunched-up knees. They're comfortable to wear, without bulky metal clips and make pulling on your boots over your jeans a breeze.

more info: www.jeanstraps.com