Sunday, September 13, 2009

Julia And Ben Spring/Summer 2010

Julia And Ben was founded in 2007 after the two designers met at ESMOD Fashion school in Berlin. They usually present their collections at Rendez-vous Showrooms in Paris. Their inspiration often comes from the daily random stuff they see in Berlin Mitte where their studio is located. The designers believe that men and women shouldn't look the same but can profit from each other. Thus they create androgynous pieces but leave it to the wearer to give the clothes a gender. For Julia and Ben fashion is a lot about try and error and seeing what works for you no matter what gender you have. The collections are a lot about mixing loose and tight fits with lines that always try to either reveal or hide the lines of the body, making the pieces appear deconstructive. Below you can find pictures of the Julia and Ben spring/summer 2010 collection.