Sunday, September 13, 2009

German Garment Lookbook

The recently launched label German Garment was started by four young men. The members of this quad should be well-known to my German readers so there will be probably be some 'AH's' in front of the screen while reading the following names. Matthias Schweighöfer (actor), Joko Winterscheidt (TV host, MTV), Kilian Kerner (fashion designer) and Sebastian Radlmeier (owner of music label PASO Music) got together to start a fashion label with the goal to produce the collection completely in Germany. German Garment is based in Berlin and everything from design, fabric, print, embroidery to labels and hangtags should be made in Germany. The brand will start with a T-shirt line for men and women. Sweaters, hoodies and jackets will be added soon and in the long run German Garment should be extended to a complete collection. Below are some pics from the lookbook.

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