Monday, August 17, 2009

Henrik Vibskov Spring/Summer 2010

Henrik Vibskov showed his spring/summer 2010 collection “The Solar Donkey Experiment” at Copenhagen fashion week in a park near the Copenhagen Zoo. Presented were both, the mens and womens collection designed by Vibskov and Maja Brix. Models were sporting blonde, squared wigs with a nose piece and there were three donkeys around. The bold prints and voluminous silhouettes that Vibskov has become known for were ever-present. As usual Vibskov leaves interpretation pretty much open for everyone. Here's his explanation for his latest designs: “Can there be life without donkeys? An old story tells that a farmer of mean repute once tried to train his donkey to live without eating. The early stages of the project were quite successful and the animal was able to continue all his daily tasks without reward. The unfortunate part of the story is that, just as the farmer was about to prove his point, the donkey went and ruined the experiment. With the usual lack of concern and interest most underlings give to the good ideas of their betters, the donkey laid down and died.”