Tuesday, July 21, 2009


For its third exhibition the Dalston SuperStore brings to you a sensory fête from the 2 pioneers of the Scratch Art: Kassim Bay and Dino De La Vega. It is not a duo you can put a label on and put into a box, apart from a light box maybe. The history of their practice stems form graffiti art but has become vast and varied in it’s development; this research has brought them to an interesting head and a scratchadelic body of work. On surface level the work could easily be read simply as typography, graphic art and a style of graffiti. But on closer inspection the work is a contrast of a delicate process and fragile materials representing imagery of pop and subversive culture. Transcending the usual street based art work and becoming deeper and richer in it’s monochromatic play with light, sight and touch. The artists have a deep interest in the senses and how they are used, or not used in the cases of the physically challenged. This lead to the investigation and use of braille in their practice ,which then gave birth to the element of relief in their work and the process of taking away to create something new. The work serves to stimulate the senses involving sight and touch, and on viewing it you can’t help but feel the presence of each pieces sound track, derived from the context in which the subject is taken. :We Scratch Art" involves many interesting elements into their practice, fundamentally the fame shy artists work is humorous and conceptual, but firstly made to be experienced and enjoyed. Come and see these mysterious masterpieces who’s construction process is a top secret, and witness how the work was born from the street but would now be just as suited to some modern urban interior; and don’t expect Graffiti!

Curator: ALEX NOBLE , web: www.allisalexnoble.com

more info: www.myspace.com/scratchadelia