Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Prada 2010 Spring Menswear

Charcoal, gunmetal, quicksilver – no matter the modifier, they all describe gradients of grey –the preeminent color of the 2010 spring menswear line from Miucca Prada. While monochromatism is nothing new to designers, there is more than meets the eye to this collection as it stands out for its blunt lines and powerful symbolism. The parade of suits epitomize urbane business, yet does not deny the current global economy. Strong greys may indicate gloom and doom on the surface, but the silver lining, no pun intended, reflects a “down, but not out” attitude.

The designer started off by breaking up suits, pairing blazers and pants in opposing shades of grey, therefore detracting from typical single-color palettes many designers cling to. The collection is further broken up and then unified by pairing the suit pants with v-neck cardigans and front-button sweater vests. The vests were paired with sleeveless collared shirts and grey ties which offers a unique perspective on the male physique –conservatively revealing.