Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Michalsky Spring 2010

Michalsky delivered the look to the financial crisis with his spring/summer 2010 show entitled ”1929 Revisited – The Great Depression Part 2”at Berlin Fashion Week. The black and white background scenery showed a mix of Berlin and New York City and was clearly inspired by the current financial crisis and the world economic crisis of the 1920's. The runway was covered with torn up stock papers a motif that could be seen again on a few dresses. The clothes were a mix of elegant 'Trümmerfrauen'-look and 40's chic. Black, white, beige and grey are the predominant colours in this collection that manages to perfectly balance depression and luxury. The cuts look comfortable without losing any of their glamour and live up to Michael Michalsky's motto ”Real Clothes for Real People”. Wide, wafting dresses are made of layers in different lengths and come with polka dots or flower print on cotton or silk. Many of the women's looks were accessorized with a bow which comes as a belt or around the neck. For men it's all about casual jackets combined with hooded sweaters and baggy 7/8 trousers.