Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Natha Perkins jewelry

Inspired by colors, confections, and fantasies, Natha Perkins' jewelry lines are very diverse in style. Her intention is to evoke a certain feeling, a dream, a memory, in every piece through the combination of metal, stones and words. She wants her pieces to enchant you, to appeal to your sense of delight, color and style. Her collections are designed to be very wearable and appealing to women of all ages- fashionable without being too trendy but most importantly, unique, beautiful pieces of wearable art. Natha started metalsmithing for the purpose of fulfilling her own need for jewelry, to be able to create pieces she dreamed of but could never find in a store and most of her jewelry is hand fabricated. One of her bestsellers is the Blackbird from the KellyBella line, the blackbird is a sign of luck in many cultures.

website: www.nathaperkins.com