Tuesday, April 28, 2009


LauraLaura is new from old, re-working the unwanted to create captivating clothing and accessories. The London-based label was started in November 2008, a reaction to the growing trend for cheap disposable fashion and to provide an affordable, sustainable alternative. Designer Laura Hearn explains: "It always shocks me when you go to a vintage store or charity shop the sheer amount of clothing in existence. I felt if I could re-use what was already there in some way, re-invent it for people to wear now it would be a great step. The look is classic with vintage twists, meaning the pieces can last you way beyond a season - I always use the best quality materials (wool, cashmere) to ensure a long life. I love the second-life aspect of using vintage too - when I started making the earrings my Nanna donated a huge tin of buttons to me and when we were rummaging I found some beautiful red white and blue buttons, really unusual. My Nanna told me she remembered having them on a little red coat when she was a child - and now I wear them as earrings. To me that sums up the delight of second-hand."
I personally love the idea behind LauraLaura!

website: www.lauralaura.net