Monday, April 6, 2009

Ian McGlynn 'This Is The Sound'

Ian's album title is certainly a bold declaration, and one listen to the delicate swoon of the lullaby-like track that bears its name will convince listeners that its also an invitation. Ian's latest studio album is full of warmth, waltz, and his patented soaring chorus. Ian has fashioned an album of 11 distinct sounding songs that somehow seem like they were always destined to exist on the same slab of plastic together. From the hyper-nostalgic pop hooks of "Memorial Day Parade" to the quiet hush of "Small Town, Big Hearts," "This Is The Sound" indeed sounds like little else out there. It's full of Ian's signature piano sounds, not to mention lush organs, quirky synths, chiming guitars, and glockenspiel. It also marks Ian's first time producing. Alongside John Mosloskie of Holler, Wild Rose! Fame (who not only co-produces but plays, sings and presumably dances on the record), Ian was determined to create something organic, cinematic and, well, catchy. That was the vision behind "This Is The Sound" when it was being written by Ian and his songwriting partner, Chris Newkirk.
Ian's songs have appeared in the indie film "Off The Black" starring Nick Nolte, the Meg Ryan/Antonio Banderas feature "My Mom's New Boyfriend," the extreme ski flick "One," as well as on an internationally released compilation that included Duncan Sheik among others and a Posies tribute album.