Monday, April 20, 2009

Chick With Guns

Chick With Guns is the outcome of the three longtime friends, designer Gabriel Nigro, graphic designer Jesper Skade and supermodel Lykke May Andersen cozying it up in their beach house and coming up with the idea of creating their very own jeans line – all of them sharing a dream of establishing the first Danish jeans brand.
The vision of Chick With Guns is crystal clear: to build up a brand that is innovative, international and always on the cutting edge of the latest fashion trends. Chick with Guns is more than just an ordinary jeans brand. The sophisticated and exquisite design makes Chick With Guns jeans and clothing a symbol of a luxurious self-indulgent lifestyle. Always glowing with feminine sexappeal when wearing a piece from the Chick with Guns collection.