Sunday, March 29, 2009

Yokoo - the queen of knits

Even though this winter is slowly coming to an end and everyone is happy about the sun showing up more often, the next winter will come for sure! As global warming is not THAT fast, be prepared to stay warm and stylish the next fall/winter season when the snow starts falling again. The best way to do so is by getting one of Yokoo's hand-knitted accessories. Yokoo is a girl from Atlanta who recently became 'famous' on the internet for her individual, well-made knitwear accessories and the self-portraits she uses to promote them. As Yokoo is doing everything by herself, she's knitting tirelessly up to nine hours a day to meet all the orders that are already piling up. In addition to her chunky chain-link scarves, cowls, hats etc., her next line will expand to sewn pieces like an intimate luxury scarf in faded plaids and Aztec prints. As her collection also includes bags and chains you shouldn't wait until fall to check out: