Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Doc Marten's

The classic boot that will always come back even though it never really disappears. Created shortly after WWII as a boot for workers and then worn over the decades by many different subcultures with the big heyday in the 90ies when Grunge was all the rage the Docs were always more or less there. After the Grunge hype the shoe vanished from the mainstream scene but these days Doc Marten's are once again around, after first being seen on the feet of several it-girls and rock musicians the shoes are now worn by many metropolitan guys and gals and slowly making their way back from the subcultures to the high street. Resistant to every meteorological condition and almost indestructible the shoes are a perfect fit for everything from hiking to shopping or just going to a pub for a few drinks as they are stylish yet comfortable. Make sure to get a pair before the rock festival season starts! With all the colours they come in it shouldn't be a problem to find the ones that will carry you around on soft air soles this season....

If you happen to be in London I recommend to check out the British Boot Company located on 5 Kentish Town Road in Camden Town. They carry all available styles and everyone from The Clash to Morrissey to the Sex Pistols buys their pair of Docs there.