Thursday, March 26, 2009

'Damaged Goods' the new album of Mechanical Cabaret

Mechanical Cabaret might often be compared to Depeche Mode, Joy Division or Soft Cell but there's always a BUT when it comes to these comparisons. With the effective mix of EBM and industrial influences, unvarnished lyrics and self-exposure, Mechanical Cabaret gained a devoted fanbase over the last years. After working on the album for over a year 'Damaged Goods' finally hit the racks and the result is a perfectionated aggressive, energetic sound. Singer and songwriter Roi Robertson wraps abysmal feelings in dark, brilliant soundrobes and seems to reveal a lot of himself what titles like 'My sex life' and 'Pretty fucked up' punctuate. And also the album title 'Damaged Goods' points out: Mechanical Cabaret doesn't create ideal worlds but shows off the fucked up sides in an unashamed manner.

The album is available in any well-assorted record store or online.

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